Sports Medicine Services

Exercise or movement may be beneficial to your overall health, in the strengthening of muscles, and the protection of joints and bones. But it can also debilitate you when overexerted, causing muscle fatigue and weakened joints and ligaments. This gives rise to injuries which affect your productivity and quality of life.   

Whether you are an athlete, enjoy sports or being active for leisure, a working professional, or you have a sustained injury from past accidents or from carrying out daily activities, we are able to treat your pains and injuries. Through a thorough assessment, diagnosis and a sustained treatment plan, we will get you back on your feet and back to doing what you enjoy.

Examples of injuries which we are able to treat:

  • Management of chronic back pain

  • Severe sprains

  • Work related stress injuries

  • Chronic repetitive stress injuries

  • Physiotherapy and exercise prescription

  • Music and performance related injuries